Sunday, August 3, 2014

It is most of the drop in Japan "Shōmyō Falls "

There is a (left side of photo) Shomyodaki boasts a drop in Japan (350m). A large waterfall of 3 tons per second, this waterfall is a powerful spray of water much take it approaches. The right side of the photo is "alder waterfall". It is a waterfall of vision that can not continue to flow throughout the year. There is about 500m drop, but have not been adopted as a priority in order to not run down throughout the year.
Those who come from Toyama Prefecture side of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route, can also be due to return. However, there unfortunately is a possibility that does not depend on a package plan of normal.

There is a trail of two is close to this waterfall.
The first one is called "HACHIROUZAKA". Once upon a time, climbing to Tateyama was done climbing this "HACHIROUZAKA". In the middle of the climb, you can see the waterfall from the front there is a viewing platform of "SYOUMYOUDAKI".
There is a climb port to the place where there are specified in the Ramsar Convention "DAINICHIDAIRA" wetlands second.

Four Seasons
Near the basin is covered in snow, waterfall illusion "HANNOKIDAKI" appears in the spring. Those who come to seek the cool very cool is also often in the summer. In the autumn, beautiful views you can watch the trees around the waterfall is the foliage. It is colored so as sticks to the valley and steep red and yellow.

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Tokyo (Haneda) - (Airplane) - Toyama Airport - (bus) - Toyama Station - (Toyama local railway) - Tateyama Station - (bus) - Shōmyō Falls

Tokyo Station (railway (March 14, 2015 - Hokuriku Shinkansen opened)) - Toyama Station - (Toyama local railway) - Tateyama Station - (bus) - Shōmyō Falls

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